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"At a recent trade show that I was exhibiting at, I was approached on the last day by 2 gentlemen who stated that they could set me up an E-Commerce website, capable of listing up to 100 products, including images and full specifications for under £20.00 per month. Further to that, they also stated that I would have full control and access to the back end, and would be able to manage my entire stock, including adds, changes and amendments, in real time, without having to rely on third party timescales. Further to that, they also stated that they could have the main framework of the website, including my logos (which I provided), set up and running in under 3 days...I have heard these "claims" before, and there has always been a catch – until now! The lads at (LikeToHelp) absolutely delivered on EVERYTHING they said they would, and did it in a completely stress free, helpful and educational manner. I am blown away by their professionalism and skill in delivering exactly what we wanted in an E-Commerce website, and cannot recommend their services highly enough. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and feel that we, as a business, have found some true allies, in an otherwise smoke and mirrors industry, riddled with hidden costs and tie-in structures. I very much look forward to working with LikeToHelp in future projects. Well done gents and thank you again from all at Gogglebox Direct."

Mark Holmes, European Sales Manager, Gogglebox Direct

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